"An interesting system has been used for capturing monkeys alive and unharmed in the jungles of Africa. Colorful trinkets and, sweet smelling nuts are placed in heavy cookie jars. Attracted by the color and smell, the monkey reaches in to grab a hand full but is unable to remove it's hand with the fist clenched. In futile hope the monkey is captured because it is unwilling to unclench its hand."

Likewise, every year business owners become easy prey to failure because they trod on a doomed course unwilling to make changes that would free them from doom. One such change could be holding on to or not knowing what to do with past due debtors. Past due accounts interfere with cash flow, reduce your purchasing power, cause awkwardness between you and previously valuable customers, and perhaps worst of all eat up many hours of your staff, as they are beguiled to act as a debt collector, something they are not trained to do.

monkey in a tree