How can a debt collection company benefit my business?

The two most important benefits are improving your cash flow and profitability by generating additional income; and rehabilitating bad accounts into good customers.

What does it cost to hire L & A Services?

There is no fee whatsoever. Only a standard percentage of actual debt recovered and remember: if you have customers who are not paying you, it is costing you 100% right now, so what do you have to lose?

What percentage of my debts can I expect L & A Services to recover?

In some cases, particularly when the debts are turned over to us as soon as they become delinquent, we are able to effect a 100% collection rate. The national average for debt recovery is 25%, and L & A Services has a consistent record, over many years, of collecting 50% to 80% of the accounts turned over to us, higher than national average!

What if a customer pays me directly?

Call the payment into our office, and mail in the direct payment form we will provide for you.

When should I turn an account over for collection?

A very important question. Generally, any time an account is 90 days past due, it should be considered delinquent, and be assigned to collections. The longer you wait, the less your chance of collecting. On the average, people move every one to two years, and typically two to three times in a five-year period. they also change bank accounts and use many other tricks to avoid paying their bills. The more of a head start you give them, the more difficult it is to collect the money they owe you.

How will I know when a customer pays up?

L & A Services will provide you with monthly status reports on all accounts turned over to us, along with checks for all amounts (less our percentage) collected during that month.

What will my customers think of me if I turn their accounts over to a debt collection agency?

We adhere to the strictest standards of Professionalism and legal guidelines in our collections, so you can be assured that your customers will be treated professionally. Also, having L & A Services doing the collecting means you and your staff are not directly involved with the awkward and sometimes embarrassing collection process. This greatly increases your chances of turning customers who do finally pay back into good sources of ongoing business.

What about bad checks and personal collections?

Let's face it: any time you accept a check; you are in effect granting credit to that person until the check clears your bank. Bad checks make up a large percentage of all bad debts, whether they are written to your business or to you personally. Either way, L & A Services will pursue the check writer persistently, even if the bank account the check was written on has been closed .We give just as much attention to personal collections as we do to business collections.

Why should I use L & A Services instead of other debt collection companies?

To begin with, our persistence and professionalism enable us to collect a full 50% to 80% of all accounts -- 100% in some cases turned over to us higher than the national average. We also give our full effort to every client, unlike some large firms who favor their larger accounts over their smaller ones. No job is too big or too small for L& A!